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Welcome to Aashray Boys Hostel!

When you leave family, you get friends!!! We and your new friends at your hostel will never let you miss family..WELCOME to a new life

Aashray Boys Hostel Is one of the most modern hostel in Indore. The best facilities are available for students here. The Aashray Boys Hostel provides excellent accommodation to students and working executives who live in the Hostel. The students and working executives are provided with all the amenities so that their stay here becomes a worthwhile experience. At Aashray Boys Hostel students and working executives can have the facility of hot and cold purified water 24*7, which make lives easier, comfortable and give a feeling of home as well. On each floor of the hostel purified cold drinking water supply is provided.

Featured Services

24- hours internate (wi-fi)

It’s invisible, but it has the power to connect you to what you need.

Hot water supply in toilets

Hot water is an essential part of everyday life.


Entertainment may be the most effective mode of learning and stress relief.


Temple for only students

When we pray, god hears more than we ask, gives more than we imagine.

First aid facilities

Also have first aid facility


24- hour security guard

The safety and security of our guests and students is always a top priority.

Water cooler with R O water purifier

Water is life and clean water means health.

Daily cleaning of all rooms

Cleaning is the most important key feature of any organization, we daily cleans all the common areas, rooms, and bathrooms


Never underestimate the healing power of a quiet moment in the garden.


Going to the gym is great for your body, but it’s also great for your mind.

Spacious visiting space for guests

We always wants our guests to be happy and impressed.

Safe parking

Safety of your vehicle is also most important.


For a healthy life we need healthy and nutritional food.

Personal Experiences

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